We completed our first COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Saturday 9th January. This was really successful and we managed to vaccinate around 1100 patients over the age of 80 years. We also went out to all our care homes and vaccinated all the residents and many staff.

We have 3 more clinics this week, today, Thursday and Friday. Patients have been contacted via the phone from our amazing administration team. If you haven't heard anything please don't worry we will contact you once we know when we have more supplies and can set up another clinic.

We will need to run another clinic to complete all our over 80s before we move onto the next cohort of 75 years + and as soon as we hear when we will be receiving more supplies we will contact all those that are in this cohort as per the Government guidance.

We are also planning to visit our registered housebound patients. We are still waiting for guidance on how we can transport the vaccine between households safely so cannot start this just yet but plans are in place! Again we will contact those patients once we are able to.

Again thank you to everyone for your patience. Please do not contact the Surgeries to make an appointment for a vaccine, we will contact you as soon as we have supplies and you sit into the eligible cohort.

BVP team

Published: Jan 13, 2021

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