Working in partnership with Nova Healthcare Ltd

Person using a phone for econsult

In order to improve patient access, we will be working in partnership with Nova Healthcare Ltd. 

This company will provide us with clinicians who work remotely to help us assess and triage the e-consult online service and urgent on the day demand.


They will only access your medical record if you have requested medical input.  Your data will not be transferred to another company, will be treated confidentially, and will stay under our control as it is with other locum clinicians we employ.

Patients will either complete an e-consult at home or phone our Patient Services team who will take the pertinent clinical details to complete an e-consult for you.  This will be added to the appointments for a Nova clinician to triage and complete.  They may need to phone you for more details and will introduce themselves as part of our extended team here at The Blackmore Vale Partnership.  They are able to assess and treat you remotely either by return e mail or over the phone.  If you require medication, this will also be organised for you.  If you require to see a clinician in person following their assessment, this will be arranged for you through our patient services team.

Nova Healthcare Solutions is a UK based company established by GPs wanting to support General Practice struggling with an increasing workload.  Nova is a company with highly trained Multi-disciplinary staff including GPs, Advanced Practitioners and administrative staff.  They are registered with the Care Quality Commission and are NHS Digital approved, Organisation Data Service registered and have Data Security and Protection approval.

Published: Sep 6, 2021