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updated at 03:50pm on 15/05/2020

by Caroline Eastelow

Thank you all

I have been with the practice for several years and with a very few exceptions have found both doctors and staff to be excellent given the high demands of their jobs. I just wanted to say to the Abbey and all NHS staff at this harrowing time thank you for your continued service,compassion,dedication and bravery I am in awe , you are giving at great risk to a country that has often failed to recognise your value we should all be eternally grateful,take care,stay safe,thank you all again, Caroline Eastelow

Visited in March 2020, Posted on 25 March 2020

by Charles Scott

Clinical referrals

I was referred for a colorectal procedure to 5 different units , one of which I have used many years ago. I have been to Salisbury Hospital on several occasions and have a hospital no there. I would have hoped that my record would be checked to see which hospital I had been to in the past having already seen 3 different consultants at Salisbury and Westminster. I took the letter to the surgery and was given an appointment in Salisbury with one of the consultants seen earlier. As an NHS pensioner who held a senior role many years ago, I am just trying to understand how I could be referred to 4 places I have never been to , but not to the one used on many occasions in the past. This is not a complaint but purely an attempt to save work/money.

Visited in January 2019, Posted on 30 January 2019