The Blackmore Partnership has partnered with Holly Health

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Did you know…

The Blackmore Vale GP Partnership has partnered with Holly Health to give our patients 6 months of free habit change coaching (to help you with sleep, exercise, eating and mental wellbeing). Its all about creating healthy habits and making lifestyle changes which can have a significant effect on your health and wellbeing. 

Research has shown us that the Holly Health tool can help you to feel physically and mentally better and find new energy and motivation.

f you are not a Blackmore Vale patient, please ask you own practice for access to the app!


Well lets help you answer that question with a few facts a figures!

  • 435 of our patients are already using it, and that number increases everyday!
  • 64% of signed up patients have received a Behavioural Health Check
  • 89% of signed up patients are receiving personalised coaching
  • The top 3 healthy living changes our patients using the app have made a commitment to change to are; Eat Mindfully, Write Positive Body Affirmations, and Practice Food Satisfaction
  • Through using Holly Health, 24% of our signed up patients have identified that they only eat 1 portion of fruit and veg a day and need to significantly increase this, 55% of signed up patients eat 2-4 portions a day, and significantly only 21% eat 5 portions a day.
  • Holly Health has helped 37% recognise that they are regularly stress/emotional eaters, with a further 39% of patients reporting they sometimes do this. Holly Health is now helping these people self manage this habit.
  • Whilst 45% of our patients using Holly Health have 2 or more long term conditions, it has shown us that this tool can be useful to everyone as 25% of those using it have no long term conditions.
  • Upon sign up, Holly Health helped 50-96% of Blackmore Vale new users realise they do not meet the government guidelines for moderate exercise, strength and flexibility-based exercises, or intense exercise
  • Holly Health helped 62% of our signed up patients understand that they need to address issues with their sleep 
  • Holly Health is now supporting 76% of our signed patients with emotional eating
  • Holly Health has supported approximately 70% of the patients signed up to understand they are experiencing high to moderate levels of stress and low mood
  • With all of the above in mind, Holly Health has shown significantly that our patients have a high to medium motivation to change

We know our patients are amazing, and can absolutely make positive changes to their lifestyle, health and wellbeing- if you want to get involved, join us on our Holly Health journey! Sign-up here: