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Health & Wellbeing

Click here to see our Wellbeing Team, more advice on Self-Help, support groups, local health information and much more.

Looking after yourself and loved ones this spring:

Our practice is committed to getting the right care the first time for our patients. This means that when you have an appointment with us, you could be seen by a variety of multi-skilled clinicians. Please see the below video which explains why you don’t always need to see the doctor:

Self care is all about promoting better health for your own personal needs, this can include:

  • Taking vitamin D supplements, particularly important for those shielding and unable to go outside.
  • Good nutrition and regular exercise to support general wellbeing and help maximize people’s immunity.
  • Adopting positive lifestyle choices.
  • Increasing health literacy levels in the community and in schools.
  • Supporting mental wellness by keeping connected, ensuring a sense of perspective, and taking further steps to maintain health.
  • Understanding how to manage minor and long term health conditions.

Links and resources to local services that could help this winter:

Self referral to Health and Wellness coaching sessions for things like weight loss, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol and getting active.

Home improvement loans for homeowners, funded by the local council. Lending decisions are powered by partnerships and people, enriching homes and lives through affordable finance.

Improve your property’s energy performance, tackle the cost of living and help reduce carbon emissions. Click the link to see more information.

For further advice around Self-Care contact:

The Wellbeing Team