Carers Rights Day

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Carers Rights Day 2023 takes place on 23rd November 2023. This is a national event for unpaid carers to promote their rights and how we can all work towards getting carers the support they need.

Here at The Blackmore Vale Partnership we value all our carers and the people they are caring for. We will be hosting a Carers Rights Day event on 20th November 2023 at Marnhull Village Hall, Burton Street, DT10 1PP from 10am-1pm. If you are registered as a carer please feel free to come along, the people you are caring for are also welcome! There will be a variety of activities and service providers in attendance. We have art classes, a yoga session, health checks, digital support and much more! The event is completely free and is designed to make carers feel supported and to give them any information where possible to make life easier for you and the people being cared for. For any further information regarding this event please call The Wellbeing Team on 01747 856786.