Social Prescribing Day – 14/03/2024

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What is social prescribing?
Many things that affect our health cannot be treated by
doctors or medicine alone, like loneliness, isolation or stress
due to problems with debt or housing. Social prescribing
connects people to non-medical support to address these
issues and other unmet needs.
This could involve a Social Prescribing Link Worker or an
equivalent role:
Helping someone who is isolated to join a befriending
group, an art class or a community gardening project,
based on what matters to them.
Connecting someone struggling with financial stress to a
service that helps with managing debt or claiming
Working with someone with high blood pressure to take
up a form of exercise that they’re comfortable with.
Social prescribing involves understanding the complexities
of people’s lives and the inequalities they may face. It can
help change the circumstances that make people unwell,
and empower people to manage existing health problems.
It can help people to connect and to grow in confidence.

Below is a presentation on how Social Prescribing has benefited some of our patients. Please take a look and get in touch if you think our team can help.