Health Visiting Services

The health visiting service works with children and their families to promote health and wellbeing from the antenatal period up until five years of age.

Health visitors can provide advice and support on a range of health matters including:

  • transition to parenthood and early weeks maternal mental health (perinatal depression)
  • breastfeeding
  • healthy weight, healthy nutrition and physical activity
  • managing minor illness and reducing accidents
  • health, wellbeing and development of the child, including support to be ready for school.

Service offer

Your health visitor is notified about your pregnancy from maternity services and will contact you in the antenatal period, between 28 weeks and birth. This contact will be to introduce you to the service, give you advice and support leading up to the birth of your baby, and give you details of our further visits to you.

  • All expectant parents will be offered a contact ante-natally from 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • All families with new babies will be offered a contact in the home between 11 and 14 days after birth.
  • 6-8 week reviews will be offered face-to-face either in the home or a mutually agreed clinic/other suitable setting.
  • 10-12 month development review will be offered either face-to-face or virtual contact in the home or clinic setting
  • All children will be offered a 27 month development review in the home.
  • Additional face-to-face and virtual contact for children and families as indicated by need or on parental request.

If you would like to speak with a member of the health visiting team to discuss any concerns or support required, please do not hesitate to call your local health visiting hub.