Risk Stratification

Data tools are increasingly being used in the NHS to help determine a person’s risk of suffering a particular condition, preventing an unplanned or (re)admission and identifying a need for preventive intervention. Information about you is collected from a number of sources including NHS Trusts and from this GP Practice. A risk score is then arrived at through an analysis of your de-identified information using software managed by NHS approved third parties and is only provided back to your GP as data controller in an identifiable form. Through the Dorset Intelligence & Insight Service (DiiS) we are working to improve short term and medium-term health outcomes for local populations through the application of Population Health Management and Analysis. The DiiS, set up and run by NHS staff across Dorset and hosted within Dorset HealthCare, pseudonymise at source and extract the data to analyse the use of services and identify areas for prevention and improvement in overall patient health and well-being outcomes. A small number of specialist analytics staff from NHS Trusts manage this data within the DiiS platform. In addition, the DiiS work with Sollis to provide risk stratification of this data which enables your GP to focus on preventing ill health and not just the treatment of sickness. If necessary, your GP may be able to offer you additional services including social prescribing.