Caring for Someone Else

All services listed in this section can be accessed directly without speaking to a Clinician.

Caring for someone else can be rewarding but also challenging.

These links are for local carer support services:

  • Carer Support Dorset: Information, support and guidance for anyone caring for a relative, friend or neighbour. Tel: 0800 368 8349
  • Livewell Dorset: Free advice and support to help you: Smoking; reduce/stop Alcohol; reduce/stop Be more active Manage weight For more information telephone: 0800 840 1628
  • Health A to Z: NHS information & advice on all health conditions
  • Bereavement Dorset: Experiencing bereavement is difficult at any time. Details of support services including emotional support, peer support, practical advice and guidance. Telephone: 01305 361361
  • Dementia Care Dorset: Dementia Support Services to identify, treat, care for and support those who have dementia (and their carers). Telephone: 0300 111 3303
  • Mental Health North Dorset: Information about local & national mental health support services